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Why you need an intelligent web analytics product?

Measuring your website analytics is important. It is an irrefutable fact. When we started working on Benne, we knew we wouldn’t need to make a case on why businesses need web analytics. After all, most of them would have been using Google Analytics for almost all of their existence. What we would need to make a case for would be why their current web analytics systems are failing them.

Because most of them, if any, aren’t contextual.

What is contextual analytics?

Let us say you asked to come to your child’s school, and when you get there, the teacher tells you that your child is failing his class.

Well, you knew that already. You have already seen the grades and his overall performance. You were just called in to the school to inform you of something you already knew. What you would have wanted them to tell you is why he is failing, what areas do they think he should work on, etc. Basically you would have wanted them to tell you of what you can do to fix the problem.

Whatever web analytics tool you are using right now, acts the same way. It tells you how many visits you had the previous day, where did they come from, and how many of them bounced off. They give you data, not context.

And context, it’s everything.

Why contextual analytics is critical?

Your website traffic is increasing month on month. You would like to understand what is causing this growth, so that you can keep on doing that. Seems so obvious. But there is a catch.

There are two ways of looking at it, and that is the whole game.

First, whatever you are doing obviously seems to be working, so you should continue doing it.

Second, some of what you are doing is working and contributing to this growth, so if you could just isolate those items, that would be quite helpful. You could dedicate more time, resources and bandwidth to doing more of it so that the growth is even higher in the coming months.

Which scenario do you think is more likely, and what approach would you like to follow yourself?

That is what contextual analytics platform, Benne, brings to the table.

A good product does not expect you to do the heavy lifting. It does the work for you!

That’s what a product is supposed to do, right? And yet, almost no web analytics tool follows that principle.

Whatever we talked about earlier is nothing groundbreaking. Experienced marketers already follow that approach, but it is them who end up doing the analytical work. The web analytics tool just throws a bunch of numbers at them to work with. The problem? To use those numbers, you need someone with marketing expertise, and depending on the size and scale of your business and your data, you need a modest team as well.

All of that costs your business tens of thousands of dollars each month. And even if you did do all of that, your team would still be spending hours and days combing over data and analysing it to come up with meaningful insights for you. Which essentially means, you would always be playing catch up to your data. The analysis you receive today would be on data that’s a few days old. Your business would always be a step behind. To a business owner, nothing hurts more than time lost.

With Benne, you have access to insightful, actionable information at your fingertips. Every time you open up the dashboard. Every time with the latest, most recent data points.

So instead of waiting for an analysis, you and your team can get down right to executing and growing your business. It would be like adding a few days to every month - with all the time you save by eliminating the waiting period.

Ideas on how you can use insights to propel growth?

Head over to our documentation section, where we have listed some of the most frequent scenarios you would encounter.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.

Cheers Abhishek

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