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User Experience

A collection of 5 posts

Landing Pages

Why does your business need lot more landing pages than you think

And how to easily achieve that goal

  • abyshake
Bounce Rates

Why people leave your website? Detailed examples on how to make them stick around and convert.

Bounces. It is a sad reality any website owner is all too familiar with. Off of all the visitors to your website, there would be a few who…

  • abyshake
Customer Behavior

How to better understand your customers using behavior data and usage pattern

We have talked about the importance of understanding your customers earlier. It helps you on all fronts, whether it is in deciding the…

  • abyshake
User Experience

How web analytics helps you deliver a great user experience.

User experience or UX encapsulates every single interaction your customers have with your business. Every single last one of them. Whether…

  • abyshake
Push Notifications

Notifications. How do you leverage them without annoying your visitors?

“No”. “Block”. “Don’t Allow”. That is what I, and many like me, click on when we land on a new website and the “website xyz would like to…

  • abyshake