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Growth Strategy

A collection of 5 posts

Growth Metrics

What is the best way to evaluate business metrics for SaaS products

There are two types of entrepreneurs: Those who do not look at their business metrics, and Those who are unhappy with their business metrics…

  • abyshake
Growth Forecasting

How to efficiently forecast the growth for your SaaS business?

Forecasting. There are slides in startup pitch decks devoted to this one topic, and they are often accompanied by detailed, data-rich…

  • abyshake
A/B Tests

The hidden reason why your A/B tests aren’t as effective as they look

Anyone who knows me will probably tell you I am extremely opposed to the idea of A/B testing. Someone will come to me to discuss about their…

  • abyshake
Content Marketing

How to come up with content that wins customers and enables sales

As I always say - businesses are in the business of making money. So, no matter how much value you want to impart to your audience via your…

  • abyshake
Growth Strategy

How to achieve better growth for your SaaS business as a founder

For the last four days, we have been talking about using your web analytics data, dashboard and various metrics to improve the performance…

  • abyshake