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Use social media to build engagement and credibility. Traffic and revenue will come along.

Not so long ago, every piece of content you created was advised to be shared ‘across’ social media. The same link, with the same content would get shared across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter - all of them directing your audience to that latest piece of content you produced, and other than the platform they were posted on, they would all look, feel and read the same.

Some marketers would say those were good times. I feel nothing could be farther from the truth.

Yes, that blind approach did drive traffic to their respective contents. Why? Because we are talking about a time when not everyone had jumped on the brand wagon. There was less content, less noise, and brands were still experimenting with (or didn’t even have) their algorithms for news feeds. The result? The audience was more or less happy to click on anything that popped up on their feeds.

This frenzy brought about a series of tools. Wordpress plugins that would auto post your latest blog article onto every social network imaginable were available in plenty, and that’s just tip of the iceberg.

The bad thing it also incorporated in some marketers is to continue doing it expecting results; some of them continue to do it even today.

But, somewhere along the line, we hit content shock. And not everyone took note.

Social Media - No Longer The Megaphone

These days, there is far too much content on social media for .any user to consume. As a result, users have gone picky. If a post doesn’t pique their interest right away, they would just scroll past it. “Benefit of doubt” is no longer enjoyed by random and obscure posts. Clicks became the currency, and they have become harder and harder to come by.

But there are businesses who are still rocking the social media world, and almost all of them have one thing in common. They are using social media to drive conversations, and providing personalized social experiences to their audiences along the way.

Social Media is now an engagement channel.

As it should have been from the very beginning. But easy traffic is hard to say no to, so brands went with the low hanging fruit.

Using social media as an engagement channel presents you with the opportunity to deliver an incredible, personal, one-to-one customer experience, and that is brownie points for you in the bank.

Engagement is also about the what you create and share. Is it useful, or at the very least unique, or entertaining? Does it encourage your audience to respond? Or is it just there to drive clicks back to your website? In short, are you still using social media just a broken megaphone harping about me, me, me all the time?

If you are doing the latter, you are probably already frustrated with social media not working for your business, or your growth on social media plateauing and stagnating.

Engage your fans

Social media is all about deepening your relationship with your audience by engaging them with content that focuses on them, their needs and motivations, and why they are connected to you. It’s not about pushing out marketing messages and sales promotions.

Look at brands that are at the top of their social media game. You will often find them sharing content documenting their customers’ journey and reinforcing their brand’s image and core values, instead of sharing links that drive traffic back to their websites.

Why is this important?

A couple of days ago, we talked about the marketing funnel. We started with a literal funnel, but as we moved along, we discussed how the consideration phase is no longer a one step stage, rather a convoluted loop involving multiple touchpoints a customer has with your brand.

And that is the whole point.

If you engage your customers effectively, they will continue along their consideration phase, and the more connected they are, the more likely they are to transact with you than anyone else.

And your engagement comes in all shapes and sizes. You sharing useful content with your audience. You answering their product queries, or just proving customer support in general. You can even take it a step further and answer queries that aren’t necessarily about your product, but the space you are in. Every last bit of it matters.

They all help strengthen your brand image and build a perception of subject matter expertise for you, thereby building your credibility. So when these customers who think of you as credible are deciding whether to purchase from you, you already have them leaning in your favor.

It also helps you reduce churn, and this is quite crucial for all businesses, irrespective of the stage they are at, or the segment they are in.

If customers know they are going to get your attention, and have faith in your commitment to helping them out, they will stick with you even after a hiccup or two. Because you took the time out to prioritise them, and when it comes to getting prioritised, no one wants to risk a sure thing for a maybe.

Benne helps you with this.

To give you an example, if there is a twitter conversation happening anywhere around your brand, Benne has got its eye on it. It keeps a close eye, and as the conversation starts driving traffic to you, and looks promising, it will let you know that you should be engaging with your audience here. More engagement = more credibility => more traffic, more subscribers, more customers, more revenue.

That’s it for today, see you tomorrow. Abhishek

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