Customer Privacy

Cookies are going away. You need to take note.

A more consumer-friendly ecosystem is on the horizon. While businesses will always chase positive ROIs, they will need to learn to do that while respecting privacy of their customers. Are you ready to take a 180-degree turn in your marketing strategy?

Slowly but surely cookies are fading away. With regulatory bodies waking up to the massive privacy breach cookies can cause for individual populace out there, more and more countries are coming up with, or planning to come up with checks and balances of their own. All of these checks and balances have one intended goal - to let customers have the right to privacy.

While it will take time for the policing on this front to get to the point where the goal becomes a reality, businesses can’t afford to wait. If you wait till the time you are required to incorporate this into your thinking, you are going to be too late.

And to be honest, it is coming sooner for you than you think.

The two posterboys (or preferred targets) for these rules are businesses we all know of. Google and Facebook. From Cambridge Analytica debacle to countless lawsuits and government hearings, the two companies have been at the front and center of the privacy discussion for a while now. And while governments may not have the ability to move fast, private businesses - specially ones that are as massive as Google - can do so, if they choose to. So, in an effort to present a “privacy friendly” face, Google recently announced to pull down the curtains on third-party cookies from the widely popular Chrome browser by 2022.

How does this affect you? Well, given that Chrome enjoys a 56% marketshare in the web browser industry, one in two visitors on your site is coming in via Chrome.

Why are we talking about this?

Two reasons. First. This change, as we mentioned earlier, has been long coming. And second. This is just the beginning. Things are going to get much more strict around consumer privacy, all over the world. And rightly so.

There are countless businesses that depend on third party tools and systems to deliver them growth by infringing on their customers’ privacy. Such businesses would get hit the hardest.

Cookie crumbles

This is why our focus has been on helping businesses grow by analyzing how different assets and aspects of your business are performing, without peeking over your customers’ shoulders. What your customers do on your website is always going to be your intellectual property and free of any risk associated with customer privacy. So you need to invest in measures that set up your growth plan based on an analysis of your intellectual property - i.e. your web traffic data.

This argument of ours is no mere hypothesis, let alone a hyperbole. It is further supported by Google’s move itself. Remember, they are just phasing out third party cookies, first-party data is something that will continue to be there. So any data you are collecting on your own will be yours to use. But take a pause there and remember that it is just the first step in what promises to be a whole series of checks and measures to protect consumer privacy. Both by Google (to safeguard its own interests), and governments and regulatory bodies (slow to execute, but much more stringent, and with possible violation fines). What that essentially means is that while Google may not prevent you from tracking customers’ private data as a first party data collection, governments probably would. So the only way to get ahead of this storm is to stop doing so right away.

You will command the respect of your customers if you respect their privacy

With growing awareness for privacy, people want brands and companies to be more responsible (and accountable) for their privacy and data. So, by moving from a customer tracking approach to a “self evaluation” approach, you would be respecting your customers’ wishes, and they would respect you for that. That builds trust and credibility. The result? A loyal, long-term consumer base.

Even if you feel you are late to the party, it is not too late to start. With the power of content and media activation, you can have a sound privacy friendly growth strategy in no time. And privacy friendly platforms like Benne would help you set it all up in no time.

Remember, customer satisfaction is paramount. So the first thing you should always focus on is customer satisfaction, and a privacy centered growth strategy is the first right move you can make.

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That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.


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