There is a better way to grow

Dealing with website performance issues, and got to know about it too late? Slow page load, clogged up network, website non-responsive? Not anymore!

I was on Hubspot earlier today, and their homepage stopped me dead in my track. Right on the first look.

Screenshot from Hubspot homepage

What caught my eye immediately was the headline - There’s a better way to grow.

There is, isn’t it? After all, that is the whole thesis behind me starting Benne for small businesses and SaaS entrepreneurs everywhere. Giving them a better way to grow. Instead of looking at their web analytics data and charts every day just for sake of looking at them, I wanted to give them a platform that helped clear out the fog and make the way forward clearer. What they should do, and why is it that those actions will help their business. All backed by the same data they had been looking at all this time. So you can imagine how hard that headline must have hit me. That headline and I, we clicked. Immediately.

But there was something else in there that I resonated with. “Good for the business should also mean good for the customer”. And that is where our privacy first roadmap comes into play. We want to help businesses grow backed by data, but we want to do it all without compromising on the privacy of their customers.

Benne doesn’t track your customers, it avoids data analysis on a micro level (which means no more spying on each individual customer), and it doesn’t collect any personal data. Anything else, it anonymizes so as to just give us broader signals without crossing the line on consumers’ privacy.

And what we practice in our product, we intend to practice in our marketing as well. As a business, we respect our own consumers’ privacy as well. So you won’t find us tracking stuff about you. Unless it is something that can directly add value to your needs, expectations and goals, we don’t do it. Just look at our approach to marketing. Most of our marketing communique is around content that you - our customers - would need in growing your business, with very little explicit focus on trying to get you to Buy Buy Buy. Don’t get me wrong, we would love for you to use our product plans, but we want you to do that because we have built an incredibly useful product for you.

Following this marketing approach isn’t always easy. It is tough to get sucked into that allure of promoting your own product, and touting it as much as possible so as to make a sale. Quite tough. We have been, and probably would be guilty of dropping the ball on that every once in a while. But that’s because when it feels relevant to give an example, the product you are most passionate about and love, it is only natural your examples would come from there.

We take this customer first approach in everything we do. So we thought we would take a break from our core product, and work on a thread that may not be crucial for our product offering, but would be extremely meaningful to our customers.

This week, we are making sure you are in the loop on the health of your online presence. What does that mean? When you use Benne, you would not come across scenarios where your customers complain of your site being down. Benne would automatically measure the performance of different pages on your website. Pages your customers are engaging and interacting with. And any time there is an unexpected behavior, an alert would be triggered to notify you of the anamoly. You would be able to set up these alerts so as to receive them over email, Slack, or just plain old notification on your desktop and phone.

Neat, right?

It doesn’t necessarily fall in the domain of web analytics, but we figured we needed to do this for our customers. After all, your website performance is critical to your growth, and if it is important to you, it is important to us.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.

Cheers Abhishek

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